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Registrations for Gesture controlled robotics and human computer interaction workshops will close at 12pm tomorrow! (14th Feb 2018)

Smart Home Automation
The world is moving towards smarter systems, and in this scenario, automation plays a major role.
To help students acquaint themselves with this latest technology, CURRENTS presents a one-day workshop on the implementation of IoT by performing home automation using TI CC3200 microcontroller.
In today’s world, FPGA has many applications and holds special importance for electronics enthusiasts. CURRENTS presents a one-day workshop on the basics of FPGA covering programming using verilog, simulation using HDL, basics of FPGA, and implementation of simple digital circuits on FPGA.
Gesture Controlled Robotics Workshop
It is always more convenient if things can be done with mere hand gestures, more so if it is controlling a robot. Keeping that in mind, CURRENTS presents to you the Gesture-based Robotics Workshop in which the participants will be able to control a robot with simple hand gestures using an accelerometer.

Renewable Energy Systems Workshop
The world today has limited resources and sustainability is the key for survival. CURRENTS presents to you a workshop on Power Converters for Sustainable Energy Systems, focusing on hybrid PV systems and related converters. Simulate on MATLAB the future and the role of converters in it.
Smart Grids Workshop
To help students learn the latest automation technologies used in Smart Grids, CURRENTS provides a platform.Develop dynamic programming algorithm for economic generation of power and also learn OpenModelica, a software used worldwide for smart grid modelling, simulating and optimizing dynamic systems.
PCB Workshop
Use of Printed Circuit Boards is widespread across the field of electrical and electronics. For any engineering developer, PCB design is an indispensable skill. After attending this workshop, students will be able to design the PCB layout and fabricate an elegant, compact Printed Circuit Board for any given circuit with great ease.
Embedded Systems Workshop
Many of us would have enjoyed a game of ping pong in our younger days. To help relive our childhood and also learn something new while doing so, CURRENTS has organised a one day workshop on creating a ping pong game on an 8x8 LED matrix using MSP430 microcontroller.
Human Computer Interaction
The workshop is aimed at building an advanced touch-sensing system using Frequency Sweep Capacitive Effect technique. The participants will be able to devise such a system on their own and write a Machine Learning Algorithm to sense different gestures, purely based on touch.