EUREKA is an annual District level Science Exhibition conducted by CURRENTS, NIT TRICHY for the schools of Tiruchirappalli district. The event centers around a wide range of topics under Science and Technology to build the participants to put forth their innovative ideas for going closer to a better future. Here at EUREKA, we set a platform for the thought provoking youngsters to come out and shine forth with their exhibitions over a stage of honour.

Our esteemed judges for the final round consists of scientists from research institutes and universities. We also invite a wide range Public Sector Undertakings, Industries, and other Non-governmental Organisations (NGO’s) working in the areas (around the centres of exhibition) to display their exhibits to further improve the understanding of various concepts for the children.


Agriculture and food security

  • Evaluation of climatic change on agriculture
  • Environmental friendly measures of pest control
  • Organic farming/ organic fertilizers (liquid manure and green manure) preparation of vermicompost
  • Sustainable land use practices and farming methods
  • Preservation, conservation and management of soil
  • Impact of pollution on food
  • Techniques to reduce production cost and conservation of raw materials

Energy – resources and conservation

  • Innovative and cost effective solar technologies for lighting in the rural electrification.
  • Impact of bio-energy on food security.
  • Use of tidal waves/ocean currents/salinity gradient for generating electricity.
  • Designs/models of fuel-efficient automobile/machines.
  • Innovations in batteries/inverters/photovoltaic cells to reduce cost

Disaster management

  • Access of clean and safe drinking water in the event of disaster
  • Improvised/improved devices for effective communication between various emergency services
  • Innovative designs of flood alarm/flood forecasting and cyclone warning networks
  • Studies of the impact of global warming on human health (spread of epidemic like dengue, malaria, yellow fever etc).
  • Technologies in forecasting and warning of cyclones, floods and storms

Environmental issues and concerns

  • Various way of waste disposal such as landfill, incineration, etc.
  • Low cost waste management system
  • Methods of ground water recharging.
  • Impact of deforestation due to various human activities (river valley projects, construction of dams, industrial activities etc.)


  • General awareness about occupational hazards and innovative techniques to overcome them.
  • Demonstration and use of traditional methods of medication
  • Importance of cleanliness and sanitation
  • Ideas for developing low-cost nutritious food

Important Dates

  • 31st January 2020 - Deadline for Registration and Abstract submission.
  • 02nd Febraury 2020 - Announcement of shortlist for final round.
  • 15th February 2020 - Final round at NIT Trichy

Prizes worth Rs 20000 to be won !


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