Line Follower

FEBRUARY 16th 2020


Suppress the rebel in you and follow the line to win bragging rights! Discover the Tony Stark in you as you make the fastest robot to finish the track. CURRENTS`20 presents Line Follower, a robotics contest to prove your mettle in dextrous design of a line follower bot. The winners get the added bonus of exciting prizes too.


  • DATE: FEBRUARY 16th 2020
  • TIMINGS: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  • VENUE: Machines Lab, EEE Department, NIT Trichy
  • A Team can consist of maximum 3 members.


Click here to see Rule Book

Format of the Event

1. Participants are not allowed to touch the bot after the timer starts.
2. Maximum bot size must be 30 cmx30cmx30cm at start. The bot can expand after start.
3. No two points on the bot can have a potential difference greater than 12 V.
4. Each team has 2 trials in which the best is considered.
5. Maximum time for completing the track is 10 minutes.
6. The starting procedure of the bot should be simple and should not involve provision of manual force or impulse in any direction to the bot.
7. Participants are allowed to adjust sensors (Gain, Position etc.), change speed settings and make repairs after the first run.


Cash prize worth Rs.10,000


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