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Toc H Institute Of Science And Technology,
Kochi, Kerela

31st January 2020


With pollution rates on the rise, the need for cleaner technologies is something of increasing importance. Electric Vehicles are a giant leap taken to meet this demand to bring down the carbon footprint. With improvements in energy storage and transmutation over the past few decades resulting in miniaturisation of every component of Electric Vehicles(EV’s). In recent years, Tesla has managed to change the face of the industry completely with a focus on all that can be offered by EV’s: from the frontier of science, directly to our personal vehicles. From practical Autopilot technology to every model in their current lineup, to ranges of nearly 600 km in their newest Model X.

With this one-day workshop, we’ll provide you with an insight into this amazing field through effective demonstration through simulation in SIMULINK. Don’t miss this opportunity to sneak a peek into the forefront of the automobile industry!


  • Architecture of Electric Vehicles
  • Introduction to BLDC motor and power electronic controllers
  • Modelling and simulation of Electric Vehicle

Participants would be able to:

  • Understand the architecture of Electric Vehicles
  • Learn the working of BLDC motor and controllers
  • Perform the simulation of Electric vehicles
  • Learn the concepts of Battery management system


  • DATE: 31st January 2020
  • DURATION: 1 Day
  • VENUE:
    Toc H Institute Of Science And Technology,
    Near St.George church, Arakkunnam,
    Kochi, Kerala 682313
  • TIMINGS: 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Cost of Workshop: INR 450/- for a Team
  • A Team can consist of maximum 2 members.
  • Limited number of seats


    Participants having a valid ID card of their respective educational institutions are eligible for the workshop.
    Participants will have to register in a team with maximum of two members in it.
    Each team should bring one laptop with fully functioning web-cam with Windows 10.
    Participants should be present in all the sessions of the workshop. Failing this no certificate will be awarded to the participant.


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