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Capture Currents
Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second. Photography is more than just taking a photo, it’s about reliving them. So if you have an eye for photography and are looking for some fun, Currents ’18 invites you to Capture Currents, an online photography event.
Code Currents
If you have a knack for programming, then it is time to showcase your talent . Currents'18 brings to you, CODE CURRENTS, an online coding event that tests your logical, mathematical and basic programming skills. Happy Coding!
General Quiz
Knowledge is your greatest asset. Knowledge is Power. How good is your general knowledge? Currents'18 brings to you, General Quiz, the quiz event encompassing a wide subject range. Come have fun testing your expertise with this general knowledge quiz!

Do you have a new idea in the field of Electrical and Electronics which you want to present to the world? If yes, Colloquium is the event for you. In this event, you can present a paper based on your idea. The best idea gets to take home the prize.
Every engineering student has innate talent of creativity in an artistic way. Dhruva provides the chance to project your creativity and bring out the best in you. In the initial round, basic mathematical skills will be tested. Dhruva not only tests your technical knowledge and engineering expertise but also your creativity in finding solutions when posed a critical situation.
Line Follower
Does the word 'robot' intrigue you? Does the word 'algorithm' keep you up all night? Look no further, for the "Line Follower" is here! Devise an algorithm, wield your microcontroller and make your bot trace the scary twists and turns of an arbitrary curve. Remember, good things never happen to those who cross the line.
Object Model Analogy
Have you ever wondered is it possible to apply ideas, principles, or theory in electronics in mechanical world where there is no association with electron flow! If you are one among them, then this your chance to show us what you got. Presenting to you the object model analogy where a mechanical (non electrical/electronic circuit) model should be made with respect to the given truth table or equations. The model shall abide to only the given equation but none other.
Trical Trivia
To promote the knowledge in electrical and electronics circuits and systems trical trivia puts before you a quest where it makes you to ponder over the neglected significants. Embrace yourself for the journey ahead of you where you can perceive and have a glimpse of what the world of electrical and electronics engineering expects from you!
So you have a brilliant idea that could be the next big thing, but you are not quite if it works. Currents’18 presents Symulate, a matlab simulation event where you could showcase your simulink skills to solve a given problem. Be sure to participate and win exciting prizes!